Brangus Stud Sires

MJB 0773

A very well-muscled bull wih a strong top line and head. He produces excellent bull calves of which we will be using 3 this year, RCM1019, RCM 1268 and RCM 1264.

SB 05145

This was an excellent bull. He produced excellent females with great udders. He was a bigger framed bull with a slightly longer sheath and good depth. He is also the father of the SA Record selling bull, RCM Sonny Bill.

MV 09931

A well-muscled, short sheathed bull that we will be using on the bigger framed females in our herd.

SW 1045

A son of the well-known D00495, a medium framed bull with an excellent sheath.

BVN 1166

This is a very nice young bull. He is bred out of the well know Whiskey bloodline. A slightly bigger framed bull with excellent depth and a good Brangus head.

RCM 0834 Sonny Bill

This is the best bull we have ever bred. He has a very long body and good width and an excellent head. He produced exceptional heifers and we are starting to use his sons now. He is the current SA Record Priced bull. We sold him in 2011 to Sias Booysen

RCM 0830 Gert

SA Jnr and Grand Champion Bull. A well-muscled bull with a bit more sheath and good hair quality. He has also bred good females with excellent udders. We sold him in 2010 to Sias Booysen.

MJB 0855 Hulk

A bull that we bought at the age of 5 months with his mother. He is extremely well muscled and has great hair quality. He has bred very good bull calves and was also the SA Snr and Grand Champion in 2012. We sold him in 2013 to Mr Jannie Kitshoff.

RCM 1019

A son of MJB 0773. We used him a lot during 2012 and 2013. We are very happy with his calves and will probably sell him during 2014. A bull with an excellent top line and very broad across his back. He is well muscled and has a very good hind quarter. His mother is one of the best cows we have.

RCM 1237

A very nice young bull out of the Sonny Bill blood line. We have already used him in 2013 and we are very excited about this bull. He has a very strong head slightly more to the Brahman side. He is a dark coloured bull.